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How & Why




One early afternoon the story of Carol the Squirrel fell like a ripe apple in front of Ivana's feet just as she was searching for chestnuts in the forrest.

Ivana read the story and liked it very much. Little did she know that the story grew on the Bubobaum tree or that she was the first person who read it at all. But then, an owl looked down on her from its hole and told  her that.

"Hello", it said, "I am Bubo the Owl and this is my tree, the Bubobaum tree on which stories grow. Stories which people are not supposed to know about, only animals, who live in this forrest."

Ivana was startled for a moment or two, since that was the first time an owl spoke to her in a language she understood. After she collected herself enough to speak, she said: "Oh."

Bubo: Say, what is your name?

Ivana: Ivana.

Bubo: If you want to, Ivana, take the story home. But I have to warn you, you are not going to like it.

Ivana: Why do you think that?

Bubo: Because you are human. Humans don't like stories about animals, they like to read about themselves. They don't care for animals.

Ivana: That is not true! People love animals and they love to read about animals, too!

Bubo: I am not so sure about that. They are very careless in this forrest, I have watched them. They throw things on the ground, they are very loud. They kicked Molly's molehills just for fun! They don't even see the animals when they walk through our forrest.

Ivana: I am sorry about that. I will tell them to be more careful. May I still share your stories with them?

Bubo: Only if they start to care for the forrest and all the animals in it. Then, and only then, you may.

Ivana: All right, but I assure you, Bubo the Owl, that children already do. The grown-ups are the ones who always forget. I will keep reminding them to do so.

Bubo: Excellent!

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.