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Hello there!

Bubobaum, the tree on which stories grow

You found me somewhere in your

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computer, but I don't live there. I am Bubo the Owl and I live on my tree - the bubobaum tree, on which stories grow.

First a story is very small, one most tiny letter, not bigger than a seed. Then it grows

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and grows and grows so long, it has to curl around the page to fit at all. When a story is ripe, (when it starts to smell like muddy boots on very small feet), I pluck it and store it in my hole.

Bubobaum stories are all true, they all happened at least once in our forest.

If you happen to find me on my tree, come and say hello and I will read to you your favourite story. You can also write me a letter and I will write you one too.

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